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18 Desember 2008

Blogger, what are you looking for?

BY Umroh Al Haneef IN 2 comments

There are so many goals or reasons why do blogger make the blog. First time I make my blog, I wanna just share and heard some one else in internet. I was interested to some blog site that have nice design and interesting post. Other hand, I like blog just because I do like design and make website. In blog, it does not really need high IT skill like programming, and web design abilities. Everything is ready taken in template. In n-indrianto.blogspot.com-my first blog, and second I write blog for my son, ihyadzakiy.blogspot.com. It was a simple blog. I just want to share and write my experiences and anything else. Maybe there are many bloggers have similar type with me. But, what about you?

I like so much for the last reason. Because you are a blogger. Nothing to do with blog more. Just because you are a blogger, so keep blogging. Keep read, hear, share, write and comment. Make some earn money? Wanna get a high Page Rank? Get so many backlinks?
It will be nothing if you are not a blogger. Be a real blogger, we will get anything what we want, then. Do not care about money or traffic..My blog is still PR Null, who care about it?I don't care. What I care is just, what will do, if I loss my spirit in blogging.

Last statement, keep blogging whatever you wanna be.

2 komentar:

  1. yupi..
    just for write and write..

    keep blogging :)

  2. same with me
    I wanna just share and heard some one else in intenet..



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